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Age - 8 - 15

Our Foundation level classes provides students with the opportunity

to delve into drama and theatre as a practical art form, wherein ideas and meaning are conveyed to audiences through choices of form, style and convention.



The subject content for Foundation level Drama and Theatre is divided into three components:

  • Drama and theatre

  • Introduction to stage

  • Short play Performance in studio

What you will learn:

  1. Bonding with strangers

  2. Syncing mind & body for seamless coordination

  3. Enhance creativity to stage a short play

  4. Develops basic stage acting skill

  5. Develop communication skill to express ideas in constructive way

  6. Develops decision-making skill

  7. Foster understanding about self and society

  8. Develops confidence & personality

Theatre Learning Session


Age - 8 - 15

Our intermediate acting classes offer a chance to dive deep into theatre & acting with a disciplined approach. Learn various techniques, develop a diverse skill set, and gain the tools to become a proficient actor.

The subject content for intermediate level is divided into four components:

  • Expressions & voice modulation

  • Research and story construction

  • Characterisation 

  • Stage play Performance


What you will learn:


  1. Vocal and physical interpretation of character 

  2. Learning Voice modulation and Pitch

  3. Learn about characterisation

  4. Nurture insightful research and original thinking to stage a play

  5. Understanding the art of emotion to express the characters graph

  6. Develop conviction with the technique of 'make-believe'

  7. Learn to visualise a world beyond their own

Level 3 - ADVANCE 

Age - 8 - 15

Our advance level focuses on hands-on acting techniques. You'll dive into units like acting methods, improvisation, physical theatre, movement, voice, and devising.

The subject content for intermediate level is divided into four components:

  • Creative Writing

  • Advanced acting Techniques

  • on-stage and off-stage production process

  • Self- scripted play Performance

What you will learn:

  1. Acting techniques and theory

  2. Converting ideas into words

  3. Progressing a story into a script

  4. Learning of ego and alter-ego

  5. Problem solving & decision making

  6. Use of music and rhythm

  7. Stage set-up, Stage-light and sound control

  8. Learning the concept of 5W and 1H

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