What is the age group of the attendees and why we cater this age group?

My Art For Life caters to children from age group of 7 – 17 years. To let a child have the best of their growing years is to let them be free in their creative space. Creative act is the process of self-expression and it fosters mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. It is believed that the first 7 years of a child's life is marked by imitative and sensory-based learning and developing non-cognitive abilities while the age 7-14 is the time to emphasis on creativity and imagination

My Art for Life truly believes that Art is not just a ‘hobby’ but a powerful medium to transform, connect and empower a child. We provide a platform to give voice and expression to a child’s imagination.

Crisp and short weekend workshops designed to help you get introduced to different new concept of creativity through visual art and theatre that you have not been exposed to before. Try something new and see what you like so that it becomes easier for you to decide about your choice of art or programme you would like to take up in future as a therapy to yourself or as a profession. discover, explore and nurture yourself and discover the true potential.

  • Explore - [First level]

  • Discover   - [Intermediate level]

  • Nurture   - [Skill development level]

My Art for life encourages schools with various kinds of visual art and acting skills to their students through various types of programs that ranges from a day long to week long programs by different artists. These programs are custom designed to suit the need of different age group. These specially designed programs add value to the child in terms of knowledge and awareness, cultural deep diving, and helping young minds to connect with timeless tradition and culture and stories of India. It helps them build a holistic perspective of creating fine balance between tradition and modernity with more sustainable approach.

Holidays are the most important period when kids can utilize their creative mind through different programs both in Visual Art and Theatre. These summer/winter camps are designed for 1 week and children make most of it by joining different art programs structured for different levels.