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My Art for Life is one platform which gives liberty to express, innovate and develop life-skill to all age groups.  Art and Theater are two folds of life that help to gain self-confidence, self-expression, empathy and inspire fun. In today’s world where everyone is facing different emotional adversities, My Art For Life provides a creative platform to corporates/institutes/groups/individuals to  explore and grow with the creative spirit of life through specially curated sessions.
Business Team
Being a group of artists, we felt that its high time that we should not only work with children and emerging artists but also should add some creativity in the life of PPT and excel driven adults. We love to bring out  the child in an adult. Our mission is to “To make learning experiential and fun for you.”
Painters Palette
Each one of us at My Art For Life knows the pain of being part of 7 - 8 hours long non -engaging power-point driven workshop. 

We also know that our attention span is very limited and that means if the learning is not structured with elements that appeal to the learner, one will definitely get disinterested. And that’s why don't expect PPT driven presentations and one-sided motivational talks from us.

We make our workshops colorful, engaging, interactive and healing for different age groups. 

"Tell me and I forget, Teach me  and I may remember, involve me and i will learn." 
Theater Group
Business Team
Weaving Macrame
Creativity allows us to view and solve problems more openly and with innovation. It opens our mind and can help us overcome prejudices.
Creativity isn’t something that necessarily is encouraged in our society and in our careers and it is also not one thing that always come naturally to everyone. But creativity can grow with time and effort, and it’s worth exploring. Here are few reasons why you should start becoming creative
  • Creativity helps you see the bigger picture
  • Creativity helps motivate you
  • Creativity helps with problem-solving skill
  • Creativity can make you more productive
  • Creativity boosts your confidence
  • Creativity helps clarify your thoughts and feelings
  • Creativity lets you express yourself
  • Creativity brings people together
  • Creativity relieves stress
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