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The programmes under DISCOVER allows children/beginners to find out  what they are truly capable of . Learn the basics while you enjoy the spirit of  creativity. These workshop also helps to identify the skills that will help you to find your true passion. Enjoy each and every workshops with the most proficient trainers and artists. 

The programmes in EXPLORE takes you the next level. If  you want to delve deep and enhance your skill further, then these workshops are what you should be trying out. Give a new perspective to your eagerness and travel beyond the basic. Develop your confidence, skill and knowledge with these exclusive workshops by experience and  proficient trainers and craftsmen.

Push your limits and learn the craft  by delving deep in to the different aspects of  the art form. The focus of the workshops are to help you NURTURE the skill and absorb yourself in the art form. These workshop aims deeper engagement and learning for the participants while also building the qualities of leadership, expression, self reliance and different life skills . Enjoy the classes with well- trained artists and trainers. 

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